Range and balance//

Range and balance:

A sage says that every Muslim in the world wants to visit and meet the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his companions, but no one wants to die for it. Asif Zardari wants to make his son Bilawal Zardari the prime minister of Pakistan, while Nawaz Sharif has nominated his daughter Maryam Nawaz as the prime minister of Punjab, but neither of them is in favor of elections in the country because holding elections according to foreseen constitutional period will destroy their dreams and their death after a possible defeat. There is a danger to come, which he also expresses in his statements, but now any kind of "respite" in the conduct of elections can turn out to be very "fatal" for the politics of In recent years, a state beyond the seven seas, the Muslim League (N) acting as a bridge for the agreement between the People's Party and the People's Party, under this supposed agreement, in the upcoming elections, the People's Party The party will take over the chief ministership of Sindh and the chief minister ship of Punjab, while the Muslim League (N) will take over state institutions to fulfill their "intentions". “Remember the elements that work against the Capital of Knowledge. Ali, may God be pleased with him, had to confess to Almighty Allah, the Almighty, that his intentions were broken. The country that paved the way for an agreement between them cannot hold the hands of conscious voters and vote in the box." In the past, NAB members called elections accountable, so now they want to rig elections to save their lives, but elections have gone out of control. The elections for the two provincial assemblies are a written wall because the assemblies were dissolved using the constitutional authority, so holding the elections within 90 days is not a democratic but a public demand and at the same time a constitutional imperative from which no escape can be imagined. Soon the "slips" of the votes will become "sharp" spears and they will do the autopsy of the big holes of the ethno-thieves where the stolen money is full. NAB victims hiding in NAB will find themselves back in jail.

Those who marched for the independence of the judiciary in the past are now trying to suppress and bend the independent judiciary. It is a big question mark to give a judicial subpoena to a political figure sitting in London. Joey is determined not to forget the fate of the militant military dictator. These controversial characters of national politics who want to judge according to their will and want to bench them will be useless. The enmity of the Muslim League (N) with the court is not hidden from anyone, this enmity is the worst political aggression in the Supreme Court building came to the fore when Chief Justice (R) Sajjad Ali Shah flatly refused to deliver justice despite intense pressure. The worst hooliganism in the Supreme Court to obstruct justice is a dark chapter in our political history. The recent hypocrisy in the judiciary is linked to some NAB members sitting in the Federation. Elections in two provinces, including Punjab, have become a nightmare and torture for them. Unfortunately, the reins of the Muslim League (N) have fallen into the hands of some extremist elements. No campaign work is done. Hamza Shahbaz is not seen at the Muslim League (N) rallies despite his return to his homeland. It's a mystery. Pakistan's shrewd and serious senator Shujaat Azim, moderate and resourceful politician Qadam is prey for the Muslim League (N). But their political and organizational skills are not being used. Shujaat Azim has definitely fallen victim to the jealousy and conspiracy of a malicious person from within his party. Sujaat Azim has a unique style of publicizing his leadership narrative.

The coalition rulers, who have been raining inflation hunters on the poor people for a year now, do not have the courage and strength to face the restless people because they were forced to vote out their citizens after many people were killed by cannibalistic inflation. But they cannot convince, free flour has been eaten by hundreds of living people. The coalition rulers believed that the Atta stunt would restore their reputation, but this plan also failed as there was no spark left in the ashes. Poor but self-sufficient people will not change their political allegiance to get 30 kilos of free flour after the worst hunger in fasting month, unfortunately Mardozen was given "thirty kilos of flour" due to deprivation. "Pity" while he was in On the other hand, these curtains have "rained" how can the rulers who to save their politics remove the veils from the heads of the faithful, pure and virtuous mothers, sisters and daughters of the nation and insult them , how Let's see, then, the privileged rulers residing in the government palaces get everything for free, including food, petrol and electricity, these free eaters have turned the zealous Pakistanis into beggars on the pretext of only thirty kilos of free flour.

Those who do the politics of deal and agreement step by step are not able to deliver to the people. Although there is no constitutional opposition in the Parliament, the position of the unified government is very bad. The coalition rulers are also threatening and blackmailing each other in the name of elections. Forces fearing elections and accountability have tried to escape but the people are fed up with the rulers and their facilitators.

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